June 6th  is Kate Humphrey Day in Yolo County!

Yolo County Board of Supervisors

Resolution No. 24-75

Proclaiming June 6, 2024 as Kate Humphrey Day in Yolo County

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WHEREAS, Kate Humphrey was born on June 6, 1968 in Springfield, Illinois, to Roger and Constance Humphrey; and

WHEREAS, Kate received her Bachelor’s degree in Art from Arizona State University in 1992, and earned her MFA from Michigan’s Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1994; and

WHEREAS, Kate taught art at Winters High School from 2007 to 2021, where her classroom was a wellspring for imagination and a sanctuary for students seeking acceptance and encouragement; and

WHEREAS, Kate’s inspiration and mentorship is evidenced throughout the Winters community via the Winters Participation Gallery historical mural projects that she helped to coordinate; and

WHEREAS, Kate’s belief in the interconnectedness of everyone and everything made her a compassionate person who was deeply loved; and

WHEREAS, Kate embraced the world with grace, joy, and effervescence, and to her the world was a canvas and, no matter the medium, one could make it beautiful; and

WHEREAS, Kate was preceded in death by her parents Roger and Constance. She is survived by her husband Mark Beason, and her son Everett Beason; siblings Bridget Humphrey, Robin Bundy, and Louis (Diana) Humphrey; niece Aleta Lanier; nephew Yari Bundy; cousin Clifford (Catherine) Hathaway; cousin John Hathaway; cousins Dan, Megan, and Sharon Dwyer; parentsin-law James and Ceresa Beason; and dear friend Sarah Gutierrez; and

WHEREAS, Kate Humphrey’s life was a life well lived, and she will be remembered and missed by all those who knew and loved her; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Yolo County Board of Supervisors hereby recognizes June 6, 2024 as Kate Humphrey Day in Yolo County.

PASSED AND ADOPTED this 4th day of June 2024, by the following vote:

AYES: Vixie Sandy, Provenza, Barajas, Villegas, Frerichs.


Waggoner Mural 2024

The  Mural Map is HERE!

The Mural Map Is HERE!

Use the WPG Historical Mural Map to visit every one of the Winters Historical Murals.

Mural Tour 2024

The Winters Senior Foundation's Mural Tour

Mural Tour 2024

Waggoner Mural 2024

Mural Painting Event on Saturday, May 11.

Waggoner Mural Crew at Work

Waggoner Mural Design Presentation 03/07/2024

Waggoner Mural 2024

2023 Mural Signing Celebration

Mural Signing Completed! 

The Winters Community celebrated the completion of History Mural 2023 with the signing event featuring the mural artists. 

2023 History Mural Photos

09-25 Dedication Celebration

09-11 Signing Ceremony

Week 5 -- Morning of Sunday 07/30

Healthcare Utility Building - Starting point.

2022 Winters History Mural

The 2022 Winters History Mural at the Winters Post Office. See more of the  2022 Mural Story here,

Dedication Plaque

Dedicated to Kate

This plaque dedicating the Historical Mural Project to Kate Humphrey is up at the Winters Post Office. When you have an opportunity, please drop by, take a look, and think of Kate. A dedication ceremony is in the works.

The "Before" and "After" Photos



Sad News

Kate Humphrey

On behalf of the Board of the Winters Participation Gallery, it is my sad job to give you the news of Kate Humphrey's death on Tuesday, September 12. Kate was a leading player in the creation and implementation of the Winters Historical Mural Project. Years before the actuation of the murals themselves, she and I brainstormed how it might come to fruition. Without her, it would not have even been considered. She was a true pioneer and vibrant spirit that generated this whole thing into being. I shall miss her greatly, as I know you all will.

With great sorrow,

Valerie Whitworth

[Photo by Debbie Hemenway]

2021 Winters History Mural

The 2021 Winters History Mural at Winters Market. See more of the  2021 Mural Story here,

The "Before" and "After" Photos

Monday 07/05/2021 - The "Before" Photo 

Friday  08/06/2021 - There has been a BIG change!

2020 Winters History Mural

The 2020 Winters History Mural at the Winters Museum. See more 2020 Mural photos and videos.

2019 Winters History Mural

See more 2019 Mural: photos and videos


Let's congratulate the Winters History Mural artists and instructors who stand proudly in front of their artwork at Winters Laundryworks during the mural signing ceremony on Thursday, 09/12/2019. 

2018 Winters History Mural

See more 2018 Mural: photos and videos

Thank You!

The members of the Board of Winters Participation Gallery thank you for your contribution to our Big Day of Giving fundraising drive.  WPG relies on your Big DOG donation to support the annual Historical Mural Project that takes place each summer. 

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With your help, students in grades 6 - 12 will design and paint our sixth mural on the Post Office Building in June and July.  They will learn about Winters' history and incorporate that into the design, which, with the direction of professional muralists, they will transfer into a vibrant work of art. 

It is through generous contributions like yours that we are able to provide this unique opportunity for the youth of Winters.  We appreciate your support in helping us make Winters more beautiful one wall at a time!  

Thank you, 

Valerie Whitworth

Nancy Button Young

Irene Tweedt

Liz Coman

Kate Humphrey

Jaime Montiel

Cel Galabasa

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