2020 Winters History Mural

The 2020 Winters History Mural at the Winters Museum. See more 2020 Mural photos and videos.

Mural Story

Following the safety protocols of the CDC due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Winters Participation Gallery and eighteen students painted the east wall of the John Rogers building, which currently houses the Winters History Museum.  Kate Humphrey worked with students on the design. Jaime Montiel and Cel Galabasa coordinated the students during the implementation phase.  

Theme: Building Use and Social Justice

John Rogers Building--Winters Museum - 2020 - pandemic year  (#3)

Right-hand side 

Train station headed to internment camps

Fields behind the Japanese

Printing press

Door provides separation into the next feature--although (fun fact) Newt makes another appearance as the “World's Oldest Paper Boy.”  He delivered papers along Main Street into his 90’s

Social Justice

The "Before" and "After" Photos

Monday 06/15/2020 - The "Before" Photo 

Saturday AM 07/18/2020 - Undercoating in progress