2021 Winters History Mural

The 2021 Winters History Mural at Winters Market

The "Before" and "After" Photos

Monday 07/05/2021 - The "Before" Photo 

Friday  08/06/2021 - There has been a BIG change!

Follow The Progress!

Follow the Progress! 

Follow the progress in the creation of the Winters History Mural 2021 by the amazing artists of the Winters Mural Class! 

Winters Market Mural Visitors

WHS Link Crew Orientation 2021

As part of the WHS Link Crew Orientation tour on August 6, Link Leaders and their freshmen crews used the Winters Market Mural as the background for their "Photo Op Stop."  Link Crew is an organization that pairs upperclassmen with incoming 9th grade students to help them with the transition to Winters High School. 

Wouldn't  it be fantastic to see the same groups take photos in the same spot just before they graduate?

The Design Process

Take a look at the rough layout of the 2021 mural! 

Kate Humphrey, the teacher of the design team, says, "The left side of the mural will show a  retro' style postcard with the letters of 'WINTERS' filled with several well-known sites in the area. The Papel Picado flags at the top of the mural will show illustrations of various celebrations in the area.  A natural landscape will fill the background which includes local flora and tule huts as made by the first people to live in this area.  Floating over the landscape will be 3-4 postcard style images that show businesses from the corners of Railroad and Grant Avenue."

Kudos to Kate and the design team artists!

The Story

The Story Behind The Winters Historical Mural Project

Since its founding in 2002, the Winters Participation Gallery (WPG), an arts nonprofit, has focused its support on emerging artists in the Winters area. What began as a brick and mortar organization, evolved into a “gallery without walls” when the Board decided to concentrate on murals created by students. Over the last five years, several Senior Capstone murals have been sponsored by WPG, and for the fourth summer, WPG is conducting a summer class titled “The Winters Historical Mural Project.” 

During the summer of 2018, the stunning mural on the east side of Lorenzo's Town and Country Market was created under the direction of professional muralist, Jaime Montiel. In 2019, Kate Humphrey, Winters High School art teacher coordinated the design phase of the project, and Jaime Montiel along with Cel Galabasa oversaw the implementation stage on the east and north walls of Winters Laundryworks. That mural depicts laundry through the ages and focuses on the diverse cultures that have been a part of Winters history. 

For 2020, following the safety protocols of the CDC due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Winters Participation Gallery, and eighteen students painted the east wall of the John Rogers building which currently houses the Winters History Museum.  That mural depicts the many uses the John Rogers building has served over the years, including the offices for the Army Corps of Engineers who were in charge of building Monticello Dam for the Bureau of Reclamation.   The building also served as the Winters judicial chambers and courthouse, the branch of the Yolo County Library, the offices for the Winters Express, a barbershop, and the offices and visitors center for the Winters Chamber of Commerce. The mural also documents the Japanese families leaving Winters for the internment camps during World War II and the Black Lives Matter rally at Rotary Park, incorporating aspects of past and present social justice issues.

The impressive mural at the Corner of Railroad and Grant on the east wall of the Winters Market is the product of the 2021 Winters Historical Mural Project.  Kate Humphrey once again guided students in the design phase and Jaime Montiel and Cel Galabasa coordinated the student-painters during the implementation phase.  Many aspects of Winters history are celebrated on this most-recent mural, including three businesses that occupied the corner in the mid-20th century.  One of those businesses is still operating!  

Thank You!

The members of the Board of Winters Participation Gallery thank you for your contribution to our Big Day of Giving fundraising drive.  WPG relies on your Big DOG donation to support the annual Historical Mural Project that takes place each summer. 

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With your help, students in grades 6 - 12 will design and paint our sixth mural on the Post Office Building in June and July.  They will learn about Winters' history and incorporate that into the design, which, with the direction of professional muralists, they will transfer into a vibrant work of art. 

It is through generous contributions like yours that we are able to provide this unique opportunity for the youth of Winters.  We appreciate your support in helping us make Winters more beautiful one wall at a time!  

Thank you, 

Valerie Whitworth

Nancy Button Young

Irene Tweedt

Liz Coman

Kate Humphrey

Jaime Montiel

Cel Galabasa