2018 Winters History Mural

Completed! (08/08/2018)


The Story Behind The Winters History Mural Project

Since its founding in 2002, the Winters Participation Gallery (WPG), an arts nonprofit, has focused its support on emerging artists in the Winters area. What began as a brick and mortar organization, evolved into a “gallery without walls” when the Board decided to concentrate on murals created by students. With several Senior Capstone murals already painted, WPG is sponsoring a summer class titled “The Winters History Mural Project.” It is taught by local professional muralist, Jaime Montiel, and consists of a dozen students ranging in age from 11-18.

Members of the The Historical Society of Winters suggested the Yolo County Archives as a source of information. Heather Lanctot, Archives and Record Center Coordinator, enthusiastically embraced the task of finding engaging resources for the students to examine. When the class visited, they found a rich mix of historical images from the Native cultures originally in the region; the times of the Mexican land grants; information about both the direct descendants from Spain and the area of Winters where the Japanese culture flourished prior to WWII. They also found materials documenting events such as Youth day and other city-wide celebrations. Students perused photos, yearbooks, and newspapers with interest, gathering many ideas that are now being incorporated into the design of the mural. By the end of July, residents and visitors alike will be able to view the results of the students’ work on the east wall of Lorenzo’s Town and Country Market.

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