2019 Winters History Mural


Let's congratulate the Winters History Mural artists and instructors who stand proudly in front of their artwork at Winters Laundryworks during the mural signing ceremony on Thursday, 09/12/2019.

Before and After

Do you remember the two stark, blank walls at the beginning of July?

Now the walls are completed! Thank you to the artists, the teachers, the parents, and the sponsors for your efforts. It has been a delight watching the progress day-to-day at Winters Laundryworks.

Tuesday 07/09 - "Before" Photo

Sunday 07/28 - "After" Photo

Video Slideshow

Completed! (07/28/2019)

See the creation of the Winters History Mural 2019 at Winters Laundryworks by the artists of the Winters Mural Class!


The Story

The Story Behind The Winters History Mural Project

Since its founding in 2002, the Winters Participation Gallery (WPG), an arts nonprofit, has focused its support on emerging artists in the Winters area. What began as a brick and mortar organization, evolved into a “gallery without walls” when the Board decided to concentrate on murals created by students. Over the last four years, several Senior Capstone murals have been sponsored by WPG, and for the second summer, WPG is conducting a summer class titled “The Winters History Mural Project.” During the summer of 2018, the stunning mural on the east side of Lorenzo's Town and Country Market was created under the direction of professional muralist, Jaime Montiel. This year, Kate Humphrey, Winters High School art teacher coordinated the design phase of the project, and Jaime Montiel along with Cel Galabasa are coordinating the implementation stage. A dozen students, ranging in age from 12 - 18, are painting the east and north walls of Winters Laundryworks in downtown Winters.

You Can Help

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